A passo d’uomo

Movimento Centrale Danza & Teatro has activated for A Passo d’Uomo, an experiment aimed at investigating the relationship and encounter of the body with the nature of Valconca Valley.  The path has developed over the years in a succession of workshops and performative actions that have deepened the theme in its various forms: the investigation of the body experienced as part of the larger natural universe in Due ma non due (2012), the movement generated from the focus of a look on the interiority in Adoration, the song of bodies (2013), the mixture of the arts in Segni, the performer’s body (2014), up to the theme of the Rite and the Offering in R_Accolti (2015). In 2015, the interaction between MC’s research work and the philosophy underlying the actions of A Passo d’Uomo was consolidated in a space of permanent reflection throughout the year to launch an observatory on the generative possibility of movement in seasons: the occupation of a place and its re-semantization through the garrison of the bodies and the exercise of the rite of welcome.