In our embrace there is neither king nor slave, but two branches torn from the same tree, that drift, carried away by the river.

Hanokh Levin

Rara Woulib is a collective of about 15 people specialized in site specific, a member of the international network In Situ, which supports emerging artists who work outside conventional theatrical venues.
They owe their name to the rare, a Haitian musical form intimately linked to the idea of ​​crossing, walking, going through … trance, themes that emerge in their shows.

“Bizangos” is an itinerant musical theater experience, from sunset to late at night, crossing fields, woods, paths, abandoned houses and rocks. A nocturnal crossing punctuated by trance music and syncretic rituals, testifying to the origins of the members of the company, ranging from Africa to the Americas.

The artistic collective Rara Woulib, active since 2009, develops artistic research, drawing new forms of poetry and theater that derive from intimate questions as well as from the great concerns of humanity.
They create rituals and performances that enter people’s daily lives, invade the common space, combining local customs and lost rites, designing new urban worlds and exploring the porosity of the city, giving life to site specific performances.
Revelation of the 2016 Chalon festival, Bizangos is a fantastic tale that questions man’s place in the group and his ability to become monstrous. A work that takes place between old ruins and fields; a musical theater that extends the company’s research around trance music, sacred songs and syncretic rituals.


author / director : Julien Marchaisseau

text : Cassandre de Christa Wolf / translated from German by Alain Lance and Renate Lance-Otterbein

set design (or production design) : Adrien Maufay

costumes : Anne-Sophie Boivin, Mafalda Da Camara, Jacqueline Hamilton

instrument makers : Julien Tribout et Martin Bläse

choir director :Alexandra Satger

composition and music composers : Julie Avril, Donata Lelleri, Xavier Marguin, Vincent Salagnac, Alexandra Satger

sound design : Jérémy Perrouin

technical director : Sébastien Castelain

set construction : Adrien Maufay et Mathias Combes

lighting design : Olivier Brun

pyrotechnics : Marianne Pibault

actors : Julie Avril, Anne-Sophie Boivin, César Bouteau, Olivier Boyer, Mireille Brun, Jérémie Charras,

France Davin, Pierrick De Salvert, Cyril Fayard, Donata Lelleri, Xavier Marguin, Pierre Mougne,

Wilda Philippe, Vincent Salagnac, Alexandra Satger, Florent Thiollier, Julien Tribout

technical crew : Sébastien Castelain, Jérémy Perrouin, Adrien Maufay, Marianne Pibault, Olivier Brun,

Mathias Combes, Chloélie Cholot-Louis, Thomas Hua