The Maramures Region is located in the north of Transylvania, on the border with Ukraine, and is a very mountainous area, rich in forests and valleys. Living in Maramures means immersing yourself in a breathtaking landscape, in a mythological world and in the most ancient traditions of Romania.

In the Region there are exceptional wood craftsmen who have built the famous wooden churches of Baia Mare built without the use of nails but only interlocking, with towers up to 70 meters high and roofs in wooden shingles. Seven of these churches – in Surdesti, Plopis, Rogoz, Ieud, Poeinile Izei, Barsana and Desesti – have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

Elaborate wooden sculptures also decorate the monumental doors and windows of the houses in the Region, but the local crafts are also distinguished by the beautiful hand-woven carpets and embroidery that adorn the folkloric clothes.

Here time has a different value, it seems to flow more slowly, the people are simple and sincere, the places are often shrouded in an inexplicable mystery.