Movimento Centrale Danza & Teatro was born from the commitment of Claudio Gasparotto to support a culture of dance as an art open to all by virtue of its educational and vital power, according to a teaching method that places first the value and respect for the body, its listening. , the exploration of his intelligence.

The focus is on the dancing body, no longer an object to be exhibited, but an expressive medium.

The three areas of activity of MC – training, production, social – contribute, despite their different specificities, to building a culture that involves art, well-being and social disadvantage linked to communication: a cultural, educational and creative exploration, therefore artistic.

“We are in an era in which vulgarity triumphs, in which an empty spectacularization, an almost pornographic display of the body have taken the place of beauty, of the human warmth that gives rise to authentic artistic forms from true feelings. But every day – without going over the top – we give our contribution in favour of an artistic and cultural form that can grow and make the viewer grow, increase his sensitivity, make him understand other aspects of the arts “ (Gillian Hobart)

source Movimento Centrale